Web site development.

Web site development.

As you know, in today's world, each less serious company should have its own website, which is the face of the company. And if you want to create a website with all the nuances of modern web design, it is sure to bring you new customers and accordingly - more profit. It is no secret that beautiful place and adds credibility to your products and services, increase the number of new customers and profitable orders. The main thing - do it right: to create a site that distinguishes it from your company thousands of others. Team "UniqTelecom" will do it for you for the shortest possible time.
You get a website "turnkey", with all the issues, ranging from design, site structure and content, and to optimize and promote your site, we take on. You get - the result.

We distinguish the following stages of development:

  • 1. Designing the site structure.
  • 2. The design concept.
  • 3. Nesting.
  • 4. Programming.
  • 5. Filling content.
  • 6. Testing.
  • 7. Transfer to a hosting site.
  • 8. Education Management and filling the site.

We can develop the following:

  • 1. Site-card.
  • 2. Site-catalog.
  • 3. Online Store (automatic generation of your price list of price lists of suppliers and further product placement on the site with a full (detailed) description and photos).
  • 4. Online store (catalog) auto parts.

Team "UniqTelecom" uses the latest technology, our programs work consistently on all supported operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix and others.
Price for the development of a site depends on the complexity of the project and are determined during the development of the technical specifications.