Bulk SMS sending and notifications for Europe, CIS, Asia, etc.

We provide SMS service of high quality and of low price.

Modern people can not live without such devices as mobile phones at 21st century. This is a fact. Calls, Internet, SMS and MMS - any mobile phone has all these functions.Everyone choose a convenient way of communication for himself. We can say it surely, that SMS nowadays is the most popular and available way due to its low price and significant time economy. Our company offers a modern way of communication with customers to different organizations - mass SMS mailing.

SMS mailing - is one of the most available working instrument of marketologist with potential customers.Another words, mailing by means of SMS is a mass advertising, which is sent as short messages to definite subscribers through SMS gateway on an individual customer's number base. This service help covering a big number of potential clients, but at the same time addressing to everyone personally. This kind of service is realized throug the Internet due to its high speed.

Today SMS mailing, which is realized through SMS gateway, is one of the most effective and economical ways to advertise different goods and services. It can help you to promote your business. So this service is very popular today among marketologists. It is known that customers can loose an interest to offers eventually. Mass SMS mailing - a good method for maintaining of customers.It's advantages are economy, availability and quality. Dispatch through SMS gateway and delivery take just a few seconds. Be sure that 99% of messages will be read by your clients.

However SMS mailing uses not only in commercial purposes. Today more and more companies use SMS to inform their employees about changes and just let them know last news or sent congratulations and invite on any event.

SMS mailing - an ideal choice for marketologist.It is comfortable for advertising campaigns and telephone sales.A mailing occurs instantly as an alloted SMS gateway is used, so your competitors couldn't intercept the information, which was sent.

Our company is specialized on mass mailing to your clients,employees and partners. Advantages of this service are a possibility to sent SMS on any phone number and no restrictions on information quantity.

Correct choice of partners is one of the main components of successful existence and development of your business.We will be glad to help you!

Do you want to use our SMS service? We are waiting for you:)

Our possibilities

  • Broad functionality for organizing mailings
  • Personalized mailing list, you can refer to each customer personally
  • Planning mailings and single SMS to a specific time and frequency
  • The substitution of the name of your company or your phone number in the name of the sender
  • Detailed statistics and reports for sent messages
  • We use such protocols as: http(json, xml, csv) and smpp v3.4
  • Referral Partner Program
  • Profitable system of cooperation



  • No monthly fees and connection fees, hidden charges
  • Payment by any means including cashless payments
  • Perhaps the conclusion of the contract, the provision of closing documents for accounting

API integration

  • Convenient API for all service components
  • Comprehensive assistance to developers

For whom we provide service?

  • Banks and financial institutions.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Places to stay: clubs, restaurants, casinos, pizzerias, etc.
  • Web Portals and Internet shops.
  • Internet Service Providers.
  • Boutiques and shops.
  • Car dealerships and garages.
  • Advertising agencies, PR-companies and real estate agencies.
  • Courier service.
  • Taxis and transport companies.
  • Courier service.
  • Online services, online games.
  • Do not find yourself in the list? Write, discuss.