Frequently Asked Questions for SMS messaging

Frequently asked questions and answers

  1. How much text placed at 1 message?

    In Latin – 160 symbols. If you use in message even just 1 Cyrillic symbol, you can enter only 70 symbols in 1 message. Pay attention, when gluing messages together the length of new message decreases on 4 symbols You will find a price table for SMS of different length at the price page.

  2. Which characters are considered "Latin" ?

    Latin characters are considered encoding GSM7 (GSM 03.38 for SMS)

  3. What will happen when my message is more than 160 symbols?

    Sending messages, a system divide every SMS on several parts automatically and send them separately, but your client will get 1 long message with full text.

  4. What view must have phone numbers?

    Numbers must have international format, without sign “+”

  5. What does it mean “sender name”?

    Sender name – is a text, which is output in the field “message sender” on the phone of your client. It must be 11 Latin symbols or figures maximum. As usual “message sender” is a brand or name of the company or site address. It is forbidden to use foreign brands, bank names, state institutions, short paid numbers ( before 4 symbols). Such messages will be blocked, money will not paid back. If multiple violations is, account will be blocked.

  6. How can I supplement my balance?

    Supplemention of a balance is doing through Webmoney, PayPal or through cash or non-cash.

  7. How can I find out my balance

    In your private account you can find out your balance (it is placed up page). If you use API you can get information using function user/balance, which is described in documentation.

  8. If I suddenly send a message to incorrect phone number, does my money spent?

    Yes, so we require phone numbers have an international format. For inexperienced users the first sms distribution is checked by our specialists. They are ready to help you to do it correctly.

  9. Does the payment implemented for sent or delivered messages?

    Our client pay all the messages which are initiated to sending and get by operator. We are honest to our clients, so don’t offer to pay only for delivered sms unlike our competitors. If you send messages using actual base we are guarantee that the percentage of sent sms, but non-delivered ( it means for subscriber, which don’t use the number) will be minimal.

  10. Why my sending doesn’t send, balance doesn’t change, but errors don’t take place?

    Your message sending was taken in the queue and will be work on in 3-5 minutes, a balance will be diminish while message are sending.

  11. Where can I see deductions for clients, which I brought?

    The affiliate account balance and your deductions you can see in the section “Statistics” in your account.

  12. Do you provide phone number base for sms sending?

    No. We strictly keep confidential working with client base, we haven’t rights to give it to the 3d person. Sendings are possible only at your own client base.

  13. Any sms sending – is a spam. Do you break the law?

    Sms sending is not a breaking the law, if your clients were agree to get an information voluntarily. We don’t practice adressless sendings without recipient’s consent confirmation.

  14. What is the differences between sms sending through your service and by usual mobile phone?

    Our service has a functional, which is not available when sending sms by mobile phone, in particular:

    — Random sender address, example – your company name –;
    — Possibility of time sending planning;
    — Automatic sms sending with WEB- site or information system integration; — High speed of big amount of sms sending.

  15. Won’t you use my client base for your own purposes?

    It is impossible. We value our reputation and long-term relationships is our main aim. Confidential requirements on client base prescribed in sms service agreement.

  16. How recipients could answer SMS?

    A client can answer message, if you enter your phone number in the field “Sender”. When sending sms through literal number, you can’t get an answer from your client.